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How are Miami Headshots & Personal Branding Photos different??

miami headshots

Most people when they need updated professional photos do a search on google for things like ”Miami headshots”. But if you are an Entrepreneur, a Small Business owner or Creative professional you might actually need personal brand photos. I’m going to break down the difference so you can figure out exactly what you need!

Miami Headshots

If you just need a few professional photos of you smiling at the camera in a studio environment then you most likely are just looking for a headshots photographer. I find typically corporations need these for employee about pages or people like actors and models need them for promotional pictures. Usually they just need 1 good photo and their session is over in 15 minutes.

miami headshots

Personal Branding Photos

What if you are a small business owner and while yes you need an updated headshot the stuffy studio look isn’t really your vibe. In fact when you actually think about it you need some photos for your website in general and of course social media.

You’ve been using your camera phone but the quality just isn’t that great. You’ve also tried stock photos but then they make your camera phone photos look even worse. Plus you can’t always find a photo that matches your brand style or fits your needs exactly.

You need lots of photos and more than just that 1 headshot. You need personal branding photos!

miami headshots

Types of Personal Branding Photos You’ll Get

  • Professional Headshots (Of course you still need Miami headshots but more lifestyle than corporate)
  • Behind the Scenes or In Action (You doing what you do, whether that’s cooking, teaching, creating and so much more. Let’s see you doing it!)
  • Showing your Products/Services (Do you offer meal planning or custom jewelry design? We will create photos showing exactly YOUR product and service offerings.)
  • Details (Similar to behind the scenes photos but these focus more on your tools of the trade.)
  • Personality Headshots (These show off your more personal side, are you silly or dramatic? Do you love something in particular like coffee and always have a Starbucks cup in your hand? These photos share that side of you and your brand.)

These are just a few types of the photos to expect from your session! What I love most about personal branding is getting to know what small business owners do and then tailoring a session to them. No two sessions are the same because no two businesses are exactly the same!

miami personal branding
personal branding boca raton

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