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South Florida Branding Session Location Ideas

South Florida Branding Session

You know you need a South Florida branding session but you have no idea where your photoshoot should take place. Don’t worry, I’m going to walk you through the different options out there so we can find the perfect backdrop for your branding photos.

South Florida Branding Session Rental Options


For my clients that need a more professional space I tend to look to Peerspace to find something to fit their needs. This could be a conference room setup, a fitness or yoga studio, a professional office or flex space.

For my client Lauren we needed an office setup but we also needed a meeting space setup. I was able to find the perfect spot on Peerspace that allowed us to capture images of what looked like her in her office behind her desk but then also flip that space so it looked like a meeting room. This way we could capture images showing her facilitation services without having to work around an actual meeting.

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South Florida Branding Session
South Florida Branding Session

Home Studio List

When my clients need a more at home relaxed environment I head over to Home Studio List to find the perfect location for them. These are gorgeously decorated and curated homes that you can rent by the hour. I like to find a style that matches my clients brand and has the spaces available to us to so we can capture everything we need.

For Bethany’s personal branding session we knew we needed a good kitchen as the main backdrop. She is a health and wellness coach with a focus on meal plans and supplements. But we also needed a home office to show her in action doing some of the other services she offers like reviewing labs for clients.

Along with healthy eating being in tune with your body to take time to relax was also important to her. The location we rented had a beautiful outdoor space to focus on that side of Bethany’s brand.

South Florida Branding Session

Your Home

Your own home could be the perfect spot for your branding session. Especially if your brand is family or home focused. You’ll be able to let clients see authentic behind the scenes of your brand. Just keep in mind we need to have good lighting and be sure to clear the everyday clutter.

Local Venue (coffee shop, hotel, downtown area)

Maybe your brand is more community focused like a realtor, you want to capture more of that hometown feel so a quaint downtown area is perfect. Or you love working out of your local coffee shop and everyone knows it so it only makes sense to do your session there! One other great option for an upscale backdrop is a hotel bar or lobby. They are typically beautifully decorated and aren’t very busy during the day.

South Florida Branding Session Location Ideas

Hi there and thank you for stopping by! I’m Melissa Arlena a lifestyle and personal branding photographer specializing in helping creatives, entrepreneurs and small businesses in South Florida take their brand to the next level visually. If you are interested in talking with me more about your own Fort Lauderdale personal branding photoshoot, let’s connect. Not quite ready, but know you want to keep me in your back pocket? No problem! Follow me on Instagram and let’s be friends!

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